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The Lodge

Tue Jun 16, 2015, 9:08 AM

I just had another mini life crisis but that's a story for another day :dummy: Or maybe never, as i enjoy using other things to detract from those things which is vaguely the point of this journal.

Have you guys ever had a reoccurring dream? Like one that just follows you through years of your life?

Mine was the Lodge - or as my sister calls it the "Crazy Dog House", because apparently we'd both been having reoccurring dreams about what seems to be the same place (we only found this out when we were older and I'd described it to her. I can't exactly remember why she calls it that and her experiences with it have been vastly different from mine).

I can't really describe the Lodge since i've only seen it from afar once and this is a years old memory i'm trying to draw from |D But it was made from wood and kinda old and looked something like this, though the woods behind it were a bit more straggly in places, there were more windows and i'd seen it from a slightly different angle. Wouldn't look too out of place in a horror movie and that's literally what it feels like.

The-lodge by Darqx

Sometimes i feel like this thing is supposed to have a basement or something, because of the way it's set in the ground. It just seems too deep, like there's...something else.

I've never been fully inside this house except once and i wasn't supposed to be there. It already has enough of an ominous feeling from the courtyard (which is where i usually find myself) |D and if there's one thing that was made clear to me throughout all the dreams was you do not want to be inside it especially on the second floor. Then one (what i at first thought was a random) dream i found myself in a corridor with a lot of room doors, like any generic hotel type place, and a sinking feeling of dread.

You know that kind of pinch zoom effect they have in movies where the background just seems to come closer to you? That happened.

It was only after i'd broken into a random room (very sparsely furnished, i only remember there being maybe a bed and a chair and a side table in it. Possibly a noose but i didnt stick around that long to check) and jumped straight through a second story window no hesitation no questions asked to escape whatever the heck was in there that i realised it was the fucking Lodge.

The major aspect of the Lodge for me was the fountain.

Always somewhere in the courtyard which was a covered area with open walls on the ground floor, it looked like one of those marble stone fountains you'd see in a town square or something except it never ran and was always still water. The key feature was the top part which always seemed to change between dreams though i only really remember it being some sort of globe and a cherub (the cherub was creepy).

I always found myself somewhere around the fountain. The dead body in the tent was near the fountain courtyard. The alligators were in the fountain under a layer of still, mossy water. That fountain always seemed deeper than it looked.

Now, i haven't dreamed or thought about the Lodge in years, but recently i encountered that bloody fountain again. It was completely different - different location, different look, just different - but it felt the same so much so that when i looked into it it was just like "it's the fountain." This time it was in a raised gazebo in the middle of a ransacked ghost town, looking very much like a stone shallow well with water that glowed at the bottom.

Long story short i tried to nope the fuck outta there but instead ended up having a conversation with what i'm pretty sure were a bunch of dead people that i'd been trying to avoid. They kept wanting to go through the fountain - the portal - to try again. Save [the village]. Perhaps the next time will be correct. All of them had been through at least 4 times.

Apparently i'd gone through the portal 8.
Eight times through time and space? and one of them according to a distant in-dream memory had been perfectly correct where "nobody died and I didn't die" and still whatever had happened had continued to happen.

Sometimes i wonder what it all means. Why the Lodge? Why's it so creepy? What the heck is the fountain and what does it think i've been through eight times?

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?

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