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Glass, glass, everywhere

Sat Jun 18, 2016, 6:48 AM

Removing a shattered screen from an iPad 0/10 would not recommend to anyone; never doing again. It probably didnt help that i didnt have the right tools for the job and was prying it out with a tiny phillips head screwdriver and a stanley knife and no heat pack to melt the glue |D Luckily i had the foresight to wear safety glasses over my glasses cos i'm pretty sure i ejected a shard onto one of the cupboards somewhere >o<

Anyway aside from my adventures with SHARDS OF GLASS here's some updates from the whimsical world of Darqx so it doesnt seem like i've died or anything.

1) I got my job back

Long story short the contract for my job has basically changed like 3 times since i first started it (although i use the term contract loosely because i havent actually seen a contract for the last 2 long as they keep paying me i guess :shrug: You'd think a govt job would be better organised but no). The actual position became OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL late last year so i've been working in it as an interim and recently i had to reapply for it because legally they had to advertise it as a new job position OTL

So there were a couple of weeks of stress stress stress there because i didnt know what i was doing, but hooray i am still employed and on the plus side now i actually have a resume and a cover letter (which were both terrible to write there's only so many ways you can say you are competent in something without wanting to throw up from how much "selling yourself" you have to do i s2g).

2) Made a terrible dating sim with Gato and EP XD;

"Dating" sim more like horror murder sim pft. It started off as a joke but then it became a fully functional, frustrating (for the players lol...and EP and Gato who coded it) reality and DAMN was it a lot of fun working with them on it! :D The two of them did a good bulk of the work on it with my occasional input and it was really interesting seeing it all come together. A++++.

It has proven to be quite popular with some people on Tumblr :dummy: (I AM GLAD YOU ARE ENJOYING IT AND THE 'BACHELORS', YOU SICK PUPPIES). I have never drawn Rire so much in my life than i have in the past month or two. I'm not going to link it here but you could probably find it on tumblr if you looked hard enough lol. 18+ only please, not for you cute little kiddlywinks.

the bachelors. don't they look delightful.

3) Shoutout to the Shire of CI

Over the past month apparently our local government here has been getting an onslaught of abusive, violent phone calls from random anti-Islam racists on the mainland, who were aghast at...wait for it...the fact that we have ONE (SINGLE SOLITARY) HALAL BBQ on the island. That's right, these people are getting up in arms about a block of metal used for cooking food.

Apparently the fact we have a HALAL ONLY BBQ is diehard proof that jihadists and Sharia law are overtaking Australia Roll Eyes (The fact that the BBQ is located in a place called THE KAMPONG, pretty much in front of the MOSQUE and that the cultural makeup of the island pretty much goes Chinese > Malay > English > Other (eg Indian, Phillipino etc) seems to have escaped their notice).

Our Shire reacted by inviting the entire Island community to a Halal BBQ :thumbsup:

4) Basic 'fix' for the Journal CSS Creator

I'm calling it v1.5 even though the only real change has been to fix up the generated code to address some of the "known issues" listed in the dev description (however this may mean your save files are lost, gomenasai).

Also contemplating a similar "Box CSS Generator" for custom boxes and maybe featured devs as another project but we'll see about that cos i dunno if it will be useful to people and i have so many projects i wanna do -sweats-

5) Battle Priest

The holidays is coming up soon and i think i may be spending some of it planning the script for this thing as a comic i'm gon do it im g o n n a fucken do it.

How does anyone plan these things i just have such mad respect to everyone who can actually conceptualise a webcomic and go through with it in a reasonable amount of time |D

Battle Priest Field Guide by Darqx

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Yo

Welcome to my DA thingie. Perhaps you'd like to check out:

:iconfacepalmdplz: :iconwtfzekeplz: :iconizmgrinplz: :icondarqxplz: :iconohmuplz:
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It's like playing phone tag but with DA and text XD
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Sorry i wont be voting though, it would be too weird to come way out of left field and vote on a contest that i had no prior knowledge of or interest in :P Good luck though.
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ok thank you!
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Hello Darqx, you will not believe who it is after years? But it is EllaKey, the person from Outcast Academy who had Estelle. 

Anyway, I've finally returned to dA after being away so long and I just wanted to say hi and stuff. :)
Darqx Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh hello it has been a while! I think you were on tumblr for a while yeah? Hope everything has been going ok for you :)
IraKey Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Technically I still am, but I've retreated to some rp blogs on there more than my personal.

It's been going okay. I just wanted to say hey mostly and see how you were. :)
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Greatly appreciate the donkey badge! :D
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